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Tea Infuser Plunger
Tea Infuser Plunger

Tea Infuser Plunger

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Tea Infuser is the way you can make your favorite tea without losing any bits you paid for! Tea infuser has a tea spoon design that holds enough tea leaves or tea bag to brew one cup at a time and eliminates loose tea leaves in your cup, no more mess!

It has a mesh design on both front and back, that hold your tea leaves tight and release the tea essence at the same time. The built-in plunger works great on squeezing the tea leaves/ bags to release more intense flavor.

This Tea Infuser also comes with a unique tip design for you to rest it on the mug to catch drips too. Tea Infuser is made from BPA-free material that withstand high heat and it's top rack dishwasher safe.


BEST TEA TASTE INFUSION for loose leaf teas - herbal teas, mint teas, black teas, green teas and tea bags (no burnt fingers fishing for the tea bag). A lovely aroma is achieved by filling the tea into the large mesh strainer. For a stronger brew use the built-in plunger to press the tea and release more intense flavor. Just brew in hot boiling water for a few minutes and you are done!